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"A woman’s ability to lead with heart, empathy and feminine energy is the most powerful tool she has."

- Tasleem Jessani

When a woman is connected to her authentic self, she steps into her power and makes waves to reclaim her rightful place as a leader in her own life, career and relationships.

The woman’s time is NOW.

Women are growing, expanding and taking up more space than ever in the world, and NOW is the time for you to light up your intuition too.

If you’re looking to empower yourself to:

  • Move up the corporate ladder or level up in your career or business (or honestly make your own ladder!)
  • Make quick and strong decisions in all areas of your life
  • Feel joy and freedom in your work and life
  • Set clear, strong boundaries in work and relationships
  • Ditch people pleasing and fawning altogether!
  • Operate from a place of deep inner knowing, confidence and empowerment

Then the Woman to Warrior program is for you!

WARNING ~ This program will change EVERYTHING in the most wonderful and exciting ways!

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Client Testimonial

"I had lived too many years running on adrenaline and anxiety. This program has taught me to look after myself and my needs, in a non-selfish way, by learning to say no and set boundaries in my relationships, to take the emotions and drama away from situations and deal with them calmly and without anger, and to be aware of and trust my intuition.

Through the weekly readings, homework that guides you in learning about yourself, daily meditations that explore many areas of your spirit, and the weekly group lessons, I have experienced so much personal growth, I feel my soul has been renewed and I am so much mentally stronger and healthier.

Tasleem is such a wise, knowledgeable, and supportive coach and I am so thankful for the experience of this wonderful life changing program."

- Krista Burrows

The Program


  • Debunking the myth that women are “too emotional”
  • Understanding emotions at a deeper level and how to regulate them
  • Tools to increase emotional intelligence and foster even deeper resilience

Thought Work

  • Understandings the stories and narratives that make you who you are, but are also keeping you stuck
  • Learning how to rewrite your stories and start a new empowered narrative
  • Recognizing your intuitive voice

The Body

  • Polyvagal theory and understanding the trauma responses
  • Big T, little t, everyone has a T
  • How to increase your energetic vibration to manifest your dreams and desires

Body Love

  • Finding safety and beauty in the body, and start loving yours at a deeper level
  • Masculine and feminine energies
  • Understanding the mother wound

Finding Flow

  • Deepening your intuitive and soul voice
  • Getting to the heart of what feels truly aligned

Truth and Trust

  • What is behind perfectionism and people pleasing
  • Setting boundaries in relationships
  • Truly letting go what no longer serves your personal & professional journey
  • Attracting everything you want and desire into your life.

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Client Testimonial

“The Woman to Warrior Program has positively changed my life, including some self-limiting beliefs I have held for quite some time. As a result, I have attuned my intuition and feel much more freedom, peace and confidence in all aspects of my life. I am forever grateful to Tasleem and this program.”

- Stacy Cockrell

Woman to Warrior

Program details

  • 6-week program starting on Monday January 30, 2023
  • Weekly LIVE zoom sessions every Monday from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm PST
  • All sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live (though live attendance is encouraged to gain full benefits of the program)

Included in program:

  • Lifetime access to 28-day meditation program
  • Lifetime access to all content from program, including instructional videos and additional supporting materials
  • Gentle introduction to hypnotherapy during sessions
  • Community and bonding experience with likeminded people!

Investment details:

Early Bird on through January 20, 2023

Save $200: $497 + GST CDN

Regular Investment: $697 + GST CDN

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Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you, feel you, and see you my dear friend. You have done it all, and you still feel exhausted, burnt out and frustrated. Life doesn't come with a rule book, but it does come with a compass - that is our intuition. Everyone's compass works differently and will send you in a direction that is right for YOU. Using other people's tools that have helped them heal won't necessarily work for you! It's time to put down everyone else's opinions and trust your own internal compass. This work is guaranteed to connect you to your inner most wisdom, get you to come home to yourself, your body, and your deepest purpose. This is where peace and bliss of existence lives, and I will help you get there so you can forever be your own internal guru.

My style incorporates intuition and the soul in every session, I utilize tools to teach and coach clients on their journey rather than simply pushing the subconscious to adopt new ways. I allow your subconscious to guide the entire journey and create containers for healing, in-roads to new places and strong effective tools to help you, not only in the now, but for the rest of your life.

This is an investment towards finally living a life of true freedom, ease and alignment. You have likely tried everything and are still burnt out or in self-sabotaging patterns. You may even be experiencing a deep sense of sadness, loss of hope or have grown accustomed to apathy. Joy, alignment and living a life of purpose has great value, and you deserve to invest in yourself to achieve these feelings in your life.

All hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are online over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.  The most comfortable way to heal and have vulnerable sessions is in your own bed or cozy space, and not having to worry about fighting traffic, finding parking and making it to a session on time!  It also helps to immediately relax after a hypnotherapy session as often times clients want to journal or stay in a state of deep relaxation and contemplation about their session.  I often recommend clients take a nice hot shower/bath or go for a nature walk instead of "jumping back into life" after the session to let the healing fully take place.

When one blocked pattern shows up in our lives, it is often part of a web of behavioural and core belief patterns.  Therefore, healing one aspect of our lives can lead to the unveiling of another block needing attention.  The beauty of this process is that each time you remove another block, your healing and movement towards true alignment happens quicker and easier!  Therefore I recommend at least 3 hypnotherapy sessions to really see transformation in your life.

Many extended health plans do not cover hypnotherapy or coaching, however you can check with your extended health plan anyway to see if there is an additional wellness coverage option that may cover hypnotherapy, or a professional development budget through your work that may cover career/executive coaching.

Client Testimonial

"I took the Woman to Warrior program with Tasleem and it was more than I had expected. In seeking to grow in spirit, I ended up seeking to grow in my physical health and heal the emotional traumas I went through in my past. Tasleem’s series has tackled all three areas as the mind, spirit and body are all united.

The meditations have helped me grow spiritually and I have expanded far quicker than I imagined because of Tasleem. This has begun to help me let go of the things that no longer serve me to make space for the things that will."

- Danielle Cheng