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If I could have a “signature blend” of coaching tools, this program would be THE ONE.

Your Path to Freedom has been hand-crafted by yours truly after working with many, many client transformations and seeing that this is the THE blend that works every single time.

I know you’re making an investment, so if you’re going to trust in something, TRUST that this program is going to transform all aspects of your life that you desire over this beautiful 7-week program.

Here’s the thing, each and every healing modality has some impact and success on your healing path. But there is a reason the healing doesn’t feel 100%, leaving you feeling a need for MORE each time.

Consider a situation where you may need surgery on your knee. Once the surgery is complete, if you sit around doing nothing to rehab and strengthen the knee, it will remain weak, in pain, and likely produce different problems.

Hypnotherapy is extremely powerful, and will ALWAYS have impact, just like a surgery does. We go into hypnosis together, remove the negative core belief, and life will guarantee to improve because we have removed a toxic pattern (just like in surgery). However, if you don’t engage in coaching where you build a NEW WAY, new patterns, new core beliefs, or even boundaries, behaviours, habits, and self-care practices that support this new way of being, you could fall back into patterns that won’t be exactly as they were before hypnotherapy, but they also won’t help you flow into this new way fully (just like the operated knee without support from active rehabilitation exercises and practices).

In this program, you don’t have to think about any of this, because I've got you.

Program includes:

  • Initial 90-minute exploratory session to create the framework for your sessions and healing journey
  • Three 90-minute hypnotherapy sessions
  • Three 75-minute private coaching sessions
  • All sessions done from the comfort of your home via zoom

See below for session-by-session details.

I'm Interested!

I have crafted each session in a way to best support your outcomes, and I can tell you that the success rate of this program is MIRACULOUS! Intrigued to find out more? Let’s hop on a complimentary discovery call and talk!

Session One

Exploratory Session: (90 minutes) In this session we explore your blocks and patterns that are ready to be released. From this session we create a plan for what to release during your hypnotherapy sessions, and areas of building strength and resilience during our coaching sessions.

Session Two

Hypnotherapy (75 mins) Meet your subconscious oasis space, your safe space, and meet and integrate your wise one. This step is crucial in order to create deep inner trust with your highest self and recognizing the wisdom within to carry you through daily life.

Session Three

Coaching (75 min) Integrate and strengthen your inner wisdom, and understand what it means to access intuition daily. Practice work includes daily emotional, thought pattern, vibrational and body work to understand the source of trauma trapped in the body.

Session Four

Hypnotherapy (75 mins) Inner child/parts therapy: Let the unblocking begin! This session will be focused on releasing the BIGGEST block that is stopping you from feeling true ease and freedom!

Session Five

Coaching (75 mins) Integration time again! In this session, we will discuss the shifts that have occurred since the last release, and new patterns of behaviour and thoughts to support the NEW WAY of being that aligns with your higher self. This includes deep vibrational work where you understand your innermost truths and learning how to heal patterns of self sabotage, people pleasing and toxic patterns (whether it be relationship or otherwise). This session looks at new ways of incorporating boundaries, meeting the inner child’s needs and RELEASING trauma from the body.

Session Six

Hypnotherapy (75 mins) This session focuses on further releasing of blocks that have come up over the past 2 weeks. Option to do a wholeness integration where you meet and integrate the 4 parts of yourself (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) to feel “whole” again and coming back home to your body. Warning, massive releases and huge life shifts await!

Session Seven

Coaching (75 mins) In this final session, we visit the shifts that have occurred during the last hypnotherapy session and continue to build an action plan of positive behaviours to reinforce shifts. We continue to work on vibrational work, calling in and manifesting truth, love and abundance and all areas of life. We also revisit the items discovered during week 1 to assess progress and create a plan for you to continue healing and moving forward upon the completion of this program (option to renew or continue monthly maintenance program available).

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Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you, feel you, and see you my dear friend. You have done it all, and you still feel exhausted, burnt out and frustrated. Life doesn't come with a rule book, but it does come with a compass - that is our intuition. Everyone's compass works differently and will send you in a direction that is right for YOU. Using other people's tools that have helped them heal won't necessarily work for you! It's time to put down everyone else's opinions and trust your own internal compass. This work is guaranteed to connect you to your inner most wisdom, get you to come home to yourself, your body, and your deepest purpose. This is where peace and bliss of existence lives, and I will help you get there so you can forever be your own internal guru.

My style incorporates intuition and the soul in every session, I utilize tools to teach and coach clients on their journey rather than simply pushing the subconscious to adopt new ways. I allow your subconscious to guide the entire journey and create containers for healing, in-roads to new places and strong effective tools to help you, not only in the now, but for the rest of your life.

This is an investment towards finally living a life of true freedom, ease and alignment. You have likely tried everything and are still burnt out or in self-sabotaging patterns. You may even be experiencing a deep sense of sadness, loss of hope or have grown accustomed to apathy. Joy, alignment and living a life of purpose has great value, and you deserve to invest in yourself to achieve these feelings in your life.

All hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are online over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.  The most comfortable way to heal and have vulnerable sessions is in your own bed or cozy space, and not having to worry about fighting traffic, finding parking and making it to a session on time!  It also helps to immediately relax after a hypnotherapy session as often times clients want to journal or stay in a state of deep relaxation and contemplation about their session.  I often recommend clients take a nice hot shower/bath or go for a nature walk instead of "jumping back into life" after the session to let the healing fully take place.

When one blocked pattern shows up in our lives, it is often part of a web of behavioural and core belief patterns.  Therefore, healing one aspect of our lives can lead to the unveiling of another block needing attention.  The beauty of this process is that each time you remove another block, your healing and movement towards true alignment happens quicker and easier!  Therefore I recommend at least 3 hypnotherapy sessions to really see transformation in your life.

Many extended health plans do not cover hypnotherapy or coaching, however you can check with your extended health plan anyway to see if there is an additional wellness coverage option that may cover hypnotherapy, or a professional development budget through your work that may cover career/executive coaching.


Client Transformations

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