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My Story

I was always known as a shy, quiet child. My parents would say that I was mostly content to play on my own, which I guess was very telling of my natural empathic qualities. I was born in Africa, and at a very young age, we immigrated to Canada. Moving from less than ideal conditions back in Africa, I brought with me much trauma and baggage that was carried down by my ancestors. This was unbeknownst to me, and we began our life of living from city to city, house to house, relative to relative, trying to make ends meet and create some stability in a brand-new country.

And when you are dependent on others for food, shelter and support, it quickly turns into control and power dynamics.

My family struggled to make our place known in Canada, and when we finally did settle into a place of our own, it was in a less than ideal apartment in downtown, Vancouver. One bedroom, where I shared a pull-out bed with my brother, and we would come home in the evenings to a cockroach covered wall. My parents worked hard to earn every penny, thus leaving my brother and me alone to walk home from school and take care of ourselves at the ages of 5 and 7. I still remember walking home and hearing people drive their cars by us, screaming racial slurs and telling us to “go back home.” During this time, I started getting intense nightmares and night terrors, and this would continue right into adulthood where I was plagued with fear of the dark, of death, and anything that could hurt or abandon me.

It didn’t get easier in school. With so much time alone at home, I had no other choice but to turn to food, tv and video games for comfort and entertainment. Thank goodness I liked reading, music and journaling too! But unfortunately, this led to weight gain, needing glasses by the time I was 7, and becoming the victim of intense bullying both at school, and in my own community.

Each and every event in our lives has a cumulative effect on us, and so when I was hit with postpartum depression and anxiety with not just one but both children, and I was suffering through exhaustion, overwhelm and extreme hormonal and gut issues, my body was screaming STOP.

With 2 small children, I was commuting long hours to the office, climbing up the corporate ladder so to speak, and it felt like no one gave a damn that I was giving and giving to find this unicorn meaning of success in my life and career, only to be met with more overwhelm and straight up burn out. It was at that point that I knew I needed a change. I was yearning for more; that I could do more, touch more in this world, and that I’m not meant to experience this extreme suffering. I prayed, I cried, and one day, I experienced a miracle. I met my mentor who led me through a journey of transformation, the very same one I give back to so many women today. And I have such deep gratitude for sending me this gift of a woman into my life.

With a diligent practice to understand my own inner wisdom and spark my intuition, I learned about the abuse and dysfunctional patterns that were ultimately creating my reality. I learned about my soul, my deepest desires, and an understanding of what purpose really is. I learned the ultimate goal of embracing love as opposed to power, abuse, judgement and squashing – all that our world is too familiar with. It is with this that today I can stand in my true power, though I can never say that journey is complete. But what I do know is that life gets sweeter every day. And no, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

So if you’re reading this, perhaps as a high-functioning career woman, maybe a mom who is breaking toxic family patterns, or a women who is struggling with health or understanding how to get a handle on overwhelm and exhaustion, then you are definitely a beautiful feminine power who craves to take up more SPACE and use more of her VOICE in this world to create impact, change, joy, happiness and wonder. And let me tell you, we are a perfect match, and we should definitely chat.

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Creating massive change

My Process

Knowing what you do about me now, you can see that I bring a breadth of experience into the work I do. When you work with me, the focus is always on the TRANSFORMATION you crave. The methods of achieving transformation can vary depending on the most effective tool for your unique situation, including modalities such as:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • 1:1 coaching: intuitive/life/executive and others
  • Meditation
  • Psychic readings
  • Mediumship connections
  • Breathwork
  • Energy work and healing
  • Daily self-care practices

When you first book a call with me, we will talk about YOU and the transformation you desire. It is my understanding of where you’re at in your life and what your soul has to say that leads me to a road map of the sessions and tools that are just right for you. The beautiful part about hypnotherapy is that it works IMMEDIATELY to remove negative and destructive core belief patterns, allowing us space to rebuild healthy practices in place of those we remove together. This interconnectedness of hypnotherapy (what I like to call the “surgery”) and coaching (which is the rehabilitation process) is known to produce the fastest and strongest results – especially since all the other tools in my toolkit further enhance the amazing benefits of this type of empowerment therapy.

So, your first step? Book a complimentary discovery call with me, and let’s talk about the transformation you are craving first and foremost. It’s free, it’s easy and really no stress or commitment, so what are you waiting for?

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What I offer


In all of my containers I hold sacred space for you so you feel fully supported and safe while you deeply explore your inner self.



Your path to Freedom

Ignite your Intuition

Weekly rotating hypnotherapry and coaching sessions remove blocked patterns of thinking and behaving that stem from childhood and/or other sources of trauma. This program provides a framework for healing and connect you to your inner wisdom, guides and support. Enjoy easy online scheduling and location freedom with online sessions via Zoom.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to ignite your intuition and get you connected to your inner wisdom! This package is for individuals who want to explore their subconscious space, and understand their deep soul desires better.

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1:1 Private Coaching

Woman to Warrior

Using a results-centric approach to coaching, we will meet for bi-monthly private sessions to set new boundaries , shift into elevated states of empowerment and freedom and trust your inner voice to make strategic decisions in your life and career. Enjoy easy online scheduling and location freedom with online sessions via Zoom.

Women are growing, expanding and taking up more space than ever in the world, and NOW is the time for you to ignite your intuition!

This will be a group program format via Zoom that spans a few weeks and works with the power of community.

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About Hypnotherapy

Did you know that the conscious mind accounts for only 5% of your brain’s processing power?

I was shocked to learn that, too.

But when you think about it, it makes complete sense. Think of the times you visit a massage therapist for tight neck and shoulders. It feels so good to dig into those muscles and feel some relaxation and relief - only for the pain to return a few mere hours - or if you’re lucky, a day - later. In today’s times with a deeper understanding of the body, we now know that if your spine is not in alignment, massage will have minimal long-term relief, and you will keep experiencing pain over and over until the core, underlying issue of the spine is resolved.

Our lives function the same way. While there is our outer shell, our body, our current life, underneath it all lives our spirit, our soul, our essence. And if this soul is out of alignment, the issues of pain, discomfort, depression, anxiety, and all other domino feelings and emotions are a product of the misalignment. And unfortunately, many of the tools used today for personal, health, career, life healing and development primarily work with only this 5% processing power of the conscious brain, but the problem is coming from deeper roots of the subconscious.

Now I invite you to imagine using this incredible subconscious power to bring your soul back in alignment. Just like a straight, health spine, your foundation will be strong, your life will start to come together seamlessly just like the muscles learn to move in alignment again when the spine is healed. Things will flow and with ease - and you don’t have to push, hustle, try, chase to achieve it.

That is the power of this work. It’s all pure science baby - emotions are energy, human beings are energy, everything you see and experience in front of you is energy - and energy is all science.

And if you still are on the fence, just take a look at all the amazing client transformations to back it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you, feel you, and see you my dear friend. You have done it all, and you still feel exhausted, burnt out and frustrated. Life doesn't come with a rule book, but it does come with a compass - that is our intuition. Everyone's compass works differently and will send you in a direction that is right for YOU. Using other people's tools that have helped them heal won't necessarily work for you! It's time to put down everyone else's opinions and trust your own internal compass. This work is guaranteed to connect you to your inner most wisdom, get you to come home to yourself, your body, and your deepest purpose. This is where peace and bliss of existence lives, and I will help you get there so you can forever be your own internal guru.

My style incorporates intuition and the soul in every session, I utilize tools to teach and coach clients on their journey rather than simply pushing the subconscious to adopt new ways. I allow your subconscious to guide the entire journey and create containers for healing, in-roads to new places and strong effective tools to help you, not only in the now, but for the rest of your life.

This is an investment towards finally living a life of true freedom, ease and alignment. You have likely tried everything and are still burnt out or in self-sabotaging patterns. You may even be experiencing a deep sense of sadness, loss of hope or have grown accustomed to apathy. Joy, alignment and living a life of purpose has great value, and you deserve to invest in yourself to achieve these feelings in your life.

All hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are online over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.  The most comfortable way to heal and have vulnerable sessions is in your own bed or cozy space, and not having to worry about fighting traffic, finding parking and making it to a session on time!  It also helps to immediately relax after a hypnotherapy session as often times clients want to journal or stay in a state of deep relaxation and contemplation about their session.  I often recommend clients take a nice hot shower/bath or go for a nature walk instead of "jumping back into life" after the session to let the healing fully take place.

When one blocked pattern shows up in our lives, it is often part of a web of behavioural and core belief patterns.  Therefore, healing one aspect of our lives can lead to the unveiling of another block needing attention.  The beauty of this process is that each time you remove another block, your healing and movement towards true alignment happens quicker and easier!  Therefore I recommend at least 3 hypnotherapy sessions to really see transformation in your life.

Many extended health plans do not cover hypnotherapy or coaching, however you can check with your extended health plan anyway to see if there is an additional wellness coverage option that may cover hypnotherapy, or a professional development budget through your work that may cover career/executive coaching.


Client Transformations

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