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I know you are craving to feel expansion, freedom and at home within yourself. That strong, inner knowing that there's more for you out there - more to do, see, touch, experience. In your quest to understand this yearning, you may have tried everything: yoga, meditating, gut healing protocols, talk therapies, natural healing methods such as acupuncture, energy healing, you name it. You are so embodied, and it is your desire to heal, live your best life, and soul's yearning to fulfill its purpose that has led you here.

Manifesting doesn’t happen from intention, it happens from the soul. I work through the modalities of hypnotherapy, intuitive coaching, psychic skills and mediumship connections to re-acquaint you with your soul and intuition. And it doesn’t hurt that I know the inside scoop about the corporate world as I have over a decade of experience in Human Resources and Executive Coaching. It’s this blend of experience that has helped many women soar past their competition in their careers, relationships, and their lives.

And who needs competition when you finally feel like you're living your own life and not someone else’s?

It’s your turn. Are you ready?

Hi, I 'm Tasleem!

You'll know me right away from my contagious laugh and my ability to throw in a tasteful f-bomb when I'm fired up (in a good way)!

Yes I like to have fun, I love to dance, and I LIVE for seeing joy in my clients' (and loved ones') eyes. Nothing can take the place of that twinkle in the eyes of someone who's truly happy.

Which is why I’m on a mission to support YOU in your transformation. Together, we will access your subconscious, break through barriers and blocks that are keeping you stuck in old ways, and help you step into THE NEW WAY of living your life to embrace your soul’s purpose and finally discover true happiness and freedom.

Because Love, I believe in you and I deeply want you to be happy.

You're not alone, I'm here with you every step of the way.

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Ignite Your Intuition

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to ignite your intuition and get you connected to your inner wisdom.

This package is for individuals who are ready to explore their subconscious space, understand their deep soul desires and take action towards their dreams.


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Your Path to Freedom

Weekly rotating hypnotherapy and coaching sessions to remove blocked patterns of thinking and behaving that stem from childhood and/or other sources of trauma. This framework will provide accountability to your aspirations for healing and connect you to your inner wisdom, guides and support. Enjoy easy online scheduling and location freedom with online sessions via Zoom.


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1:1 Private Coaching

Using a results-centric approach to coaching, we will meet for bi-weekly private sessions to set new boundaries, shift into elevated states of empowerment and freedom as you trust your inner voice to make strategic decisions in your life and career. I hold sacred space for you in this container of support and safety to deeply explore your inner self. Enjoy easy online scheduling and location freedom with online sessions via Zoom.


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Woman to Warrior

Women are growing and expanding rapidly in the world, and NOW is the time for you to light up your intuition too.

If you’re looking to empower yourself to:

  • Move up the corporate ladder or level up in your career or business (or honestly make your own ladder!)
  • Make quick and strong decisions in all areas of your life
  • Feel joy and freedom in your work and life
  • Set clear, strong boundaries in work and relationships
  • Ditch people pleasing and fawning altogether!
  • Operate from a place of deep inner knowing, confidence and empowerment

Then this incredible 6-week group program is for you!


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Client Transformations

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